Families Can Face Delicate Balance Caring for Aging Parents

Family caregivers are having to adjust many aspects of their lives around caring for a loved one. From work hours, personal finances, and even living situations, the impact can be huge and stressful.

But, a common unseen impact is not on the caree, but the caregiver’s health. Long hours, added stressors, and physical demands all add up and can take a toll ( this is one of the reasons why this blog exists).

Follow Phillip’s story as well as a couple of others in this well written article.

Phillip Lentz still lives in the home on Mellwood Court in West Toledo that he and his wife, Alice, bought more than 35 years ago. Mr. Lentz is 92 and suffers from dementia.

“Dad has always said he loved his house. It’s a ranch, so that works. He’s comfortable here; he knows his way around. I told him we would do this as long as we could,” said Matt Lentz, 62, Phillip’s son and caregiver. “You could always count on him; he was always there to help. I’m just trying to repay some of that.”

Matt arrives every morning to greet his father, help him get up and help him dress. Two days a week, he takes him downtown to work with him for a few hours before taking him home to meet up with one of two caregivers he hired to help.

Matt Lentz is not alone in serving as a caregiver. According to 2013-14 data from the Pew Research Center, 40.4 million Americans provided unpaid care to an adult 65 or older; nine out of 10 of those cared for were an aging relative. Of that 36 million, almost half of them were helping one or both parents. Read more…

You can share your own story if you would like by using our contact page.

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